Mark Roberts
Producer /Engineer /Mixer
Thanks for visiting my page - A bit about me -
I started recording music as many do purely as a means to demo stuff for my own bands and projects. Needless to say I caught the bug and producing, recording and mixing music is now my life. It’s pretty much all I think about, sad really…
These days I am based in Brighton/Newhaven UK, working freelance and based in Stronghold studios. I also use other studios/spaces to suit the projects I am working on when appropriate. I like to keep it pretty open but I guess I specialise in more left-field alternative rock/punk/metal/prog/pop etc as that is my background. I’m also a big fan of the more ambient/acoustic things at the other end of the spectrum.
I have sung, played guitar and drummed in bands for nearly 20 years, so have a good understanding of recording from a musicians perspective. A big part of what I do involves making the environment right for creativity to flow. I also get that bands need my creative input to varying degrees and adjust my methods accordingly.
Please feel free to check out some of my recent work on the music player and get in touch if you are interested in working with me.
Cheers, Mark.